Lean on me

As we near almost a month mark since the government shut down I just wanted to remind everyone – there’s always tomorrow. Things may look bad, bills are going unpaid, mortgages and rents are due, but wake up each day and try to look on the bright side of things. Find the people in your life who really matter.

(Bill Withers – Lean on Me resung by Michael Bolton)

They are real brothers/sisters where and when it counts. They don’t say you can depend in me. They actually mean it. Also like the song says, you won’t know until you ask someone for help. Don’t be ashame to ask. It may make a difference one day to the next just helping a friend .

Help a friend

So many are in real need now so keep your eyes pealed for those in real need folks. You may think you know but you don’t. They are really good at hiding from everyone because of their pride. People are in dire straits. I’m not talking about the banks and the big corporations. I’m talking about consumers, the man on the street. The small guys.

Talking with one of my Lyft drivers and he said things are at least 50% slower since the shutdown. Just imagine what that does to his income and his ability to produce.

Savings are being depleted to cover a range of expenses. Some have had to tap into savings at the cost if being taxed. many do not have the luxury of savings. There is nothing.

So just be patient with yourselves out there. Be careful what you allow the media to leak into your souls right about now. It’s often time information meant to steer your thinking away from what’s really important. What is that?

Be kind

We are important. We have to take care of each other because those in power take care of themselves by both sides. They don’t really care about the masses. So take care if yourself, your family and friends. Be good, kind and loving

The craziness will end. Try to stay intact until such a time.

Peace to you


Surround yourself in love

Have you lived your best day today ? – 2

Hard Work

Everything we want, need and desire is attainable, but guess what ? Hard work, sleepless nights, fatigue and oftentimes self sacrifice is at the core, along with consistency, which eventually leads to the productive outcome you were seeking.
Executives speak

The Process

Understanding you cannot skip the part where hard work is a must ,and we cannot miss that process, not one step. A fortunate few get to skip the process but don’t be fooled, there are mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome when that happens. 

Above the Fray

 One must be always willing to follow the steps even when opportunities present themselves for skipping certain steps. You have to consider these interrogatives : what am I missing, and what are the lessons I’m missing when I skip a step? 


 There is hard work where you just work like a mule but at the end of the day nothing got achieved. Then there is hard work where you outlined goals met certain criteria you established for yourself and everything worked out well. Just as you planned. This type of work is at the core of success in all things; Relationships, marriages, friendships require work and attention to small details. You take nothing for granted and you always give what you wish to receive, and more perhaps. The reward is generally directly forthcoming, and pleasantly enough sometimes indirectly forthcoming from sources you probably never imagined. Someone may be following your work on social media and admires your drive, and wishes to contribute.  I have certainly done it even recently with a young, talented person recently. A relative perhaps has seen all the hard work you dedicated to your project and decides to reward you with a gift of money, time, maybe a free office space for 6-11 months. I am just saying, anything is possible. 

Smart Goals

 Sometimes just thoughts and support from friends and family is enough to spark that extra push to do more or perhaps to keep those creative juices flowing. Just hang in there and make it a great day by living each day as your best day.

Quote Grams
Love and best day today