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Learie Nicholas

Learie Nicholas Constantine, Baron Constantine was a West Indian cricketer, lawyer and politician who served as Trinidad’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and became the UK’s 1st black peer. He played 18 Test matches before the Second World War and took the West Indies’ 1st wicket in Test cricket. 

An advocate against racial discrimination, in later life he was influential in the passing of the Race Relations Act in Britain.

He was knighted in 1962 and made a life peer in 1969.

Born in Trinidad, Constantine established an early reputation as a promising cricketer, and was a member of the West Indies teams that toured England in 1923 and 1928. Unhappy at the lack of opportunities for black people in Trinidad, he decided to pursue a career as a professional cricketer in England, and after the 1928 tour was awarded a professional contract with the Lancashire League club Nelson.

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Mature audience – O

Mature audience – O

We overthink so much that sometimes we miss the essence of people, places and simple things in living. The true adventure of living, loving and exploring our very existence is missed.

Images thrown at us from media tells us what we are suppose to look like and feel. But we have to be mindful of the tricks and ground ourselves in reality. Especially if we hope to have lasting and meaningful relationships.

Be present and relate
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Sexuality is sold to us on a platter , one of tricky images which tells us we are suppose to be a certain body size or image in order to be adored, or we have to be a certain age to enjoy affection or sex.

Not so, you can be whatever and whoever, sexuality is what you make of it. I’ve even touched on it in previous posts where I explored the topic of intimacy without intercourse leading to more connection long term, rather than jumping into a physical thing which leads no where in the short term.

Ive spoken to men and women who’ve had to reinvent themselves in order to have meaningful interaction outside and inside the bedroom. Intimacy has consistently been the constant when maintaining long term relationships. Really taking time out to enjoy knowing each other rather than jumping into sex.

Women suffering from body image ranging from hair, skin, butt, breast, face, weight, you name it, it’s probably an issue for a woman you know.

Many guys talk about the inability to satisfy a woman due to the size of his penis, and comparing himself to other men based on penis size and weight of wallet., neglecting the size of his heart and weight of his love and creativity in expressing love. Some guys are conscious about body image but I see they compensate much more easily than women for various and sundry reason I won’t get into in this post.

Just understanding the complexities such that taps us into a consciousness of not allowing things out of our control to decrease our pleasure, or deter happiness, plain and simple.

Be happy. Reinvent yourself and have fun
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I’m also not keen on delving into some of the fixes for some of our issues and problems because I feel each individual must know where they are comfortable and what is their limit. Even the professional psychiatrist or psychologist cannot help until you are ready to help yourself. By limit I mean when does the madness stop? We each have a comfort zone and we know exactly when we’ve crossed over into uncomfortable or have reach our limits. I believe we choose to ignore the warning buzzers and only realize how exaggeratory the chosen outcome is only after we’ve made the fumble. But, we live and learn. Hopefully not to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

Hey to happiness?  Enjoy being you.
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I started writing about orgasms believe it or not…but got inspired by other relevant inspirations. While orgasms are really great, they aren’t the end all fix for life. Just imagine never having one or being capable of having one again…what’s next? Exactly. Life goes on, and takes a turn for the exceptional. Exceptional you say? Yes exceptional. You become transformed and renewed. Your life now takes on new meaning. Hopefully positive, positive, positive vibrations. I can only hope and pray for your sake and the onlooking world around you.

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So, When? When are we ever just going to be happy just being ourselves ? How much are we going to change of what God has created, especially when there are minor and unrecognizable issues .

Looking into the eyes of a flawed loved one and loving them even if, and just as can be a powerful aphrodisiac . Be your most relevant, renewed and inspired self.

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Fighting Back

Fighting Back

It does not have to be public

You are different…

It does not have to be a brawl

Your difference makes you great…

Loud screaming not necessary…

You can be heard…

Fight back with quiet intentions

Do you and do it right

Be happy with who you are

Where you are and aspire to achieve those dreams

Fight back




Meet those goals

Be Strong

Never Give Up

It all fights back for you

Enjoy beautiful texture of you
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Friendships at the Well

If you are a heart person this will make sense💯

You thrive on mindfulness👏

Being careful with your choice of words and never doing harm💕👍🏽

When we call someone “friend”, it’s for life and we mean it.

Friends come in different sizes, shapes and color
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Different temperaments, conversations, outlook, does not mean pushing limits, offending if you disagree. It merely means you can agree to disagree. No arguments, no angst or feelings hurt.

There’s an old adage which says:


So many of us forget what it means to be a friend indeed. Instead you see these posters flying around social media:

What is this hocus pocus?
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I dare say I’m not a friend if it’s a reason or season. So scratch me off that list. Obviously you are ready to find a reason, not-available during particular seasons so why worry about lifetime attachments?

I think this is overused and misused, and not appropriately applied even in the biblical sense of yoking yourself.

Jesus took it to another level in terms of meeting people at the well, and by the way…the well never ran dry. That’s the kind of friend he was.

What will Jesus Do?
Are you a friend to the Samaritans, widows, orphans or prostitutes

I contend, that you think seriously about the people who are in your life and make quite certain you are a friend indeed, not just for a convenient reason, or seasonal because you can use them like that – or they are so desperate for an anchor, they allow you to use them like that.

Friendships are like gems..priceless. Guard them well and do not abuse them. Your differences of opinions are just egos.

Forgive and make amends
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This goes for spouses as well. Sometimes it’s okay to let go of an argument and let that friend/spouse win.

It’s ok
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It’s okay, you do not always need to be right nor have the last say. It’s says a lot about you, when you let things roll of your back. Give the wheel to Jesus and just be a friend/spouse indeed.

I read another blog I recently came across, last evening. It was so interesting. The author describes going to work and part of his ritual was to take extra money with him and give to the needy. He explained how one particular chap would look forward to seeing him, and he would even bring him food on occasion, gifts on his birthday / get this – for three years. It brought tears to my eyes.

I live here in NYC and while I give yes, I’ve had opportunity to do more in one particular situation and I backed out because I felt the person was trying a fast one.

I don’t know, maybe yes maybe no, the point is did it matter? As long as I did it with a willing heart.

Life lessons
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That willingness is what God uses to change the hearts of people you and I cannot discern. I know many think they are discerning , myself including, but the human mind and heart is complex and much is hidden from us that only God sees.

So I’ll finish my tirade…the well of friends you do have try, to make good to ensure you bring them into fellowship by being a good example of friendship. Not just to bring them to church. But be there for the complications, the quiet moments when they need to not speak but need someone present.

Help save lives on earth and souls for heaven,.

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