Oral Tradition

No words to say

What a thing to admit aye?

No words?

What does that really mean…

I have thoughts in my head but…

What do I want to say

What do I want to admit

What do I want to declare

What do I want to resolve

What should I remember

Passed down orally

I have to admit, I do not know.

I am tired, no exhausted since I tossed and turn and did not receive my usual rest.

So it’s not that I am really at loss for words to say…but rather the words are lost in my tired brain. Running around up there fast and loose without any regards for my need to get them back together coherently.

I’ll be back God willing, refresh, and ready to rock and roll with SOMETHING to not just say, but hopefully something to contribute.

Have a great day Beloved


Struggle of Life

My thoughts and prayers are with those who continue in the struggle of life daily. It’s not easy so hang in there. If you have to talk yourselves through it. You go for it! If you need a motivation or a motivator – find that something or someone. Be well Beloved.

My week’s adventures

New York Adventures

Monday thru Wednesday were pretty uneventful except I haven’t been feeling so great. My sciatic is out of control and all I can think about is my vacation next week where I can finally go to my doctor and see what can be done.

Thursday unfortunately I wasn’t feeling especially well so I took my time rising from my bed, even though my eyes were open before 4am. I thanked God for His mercies, checked the time, the weather and got ready for the day.

I waited maybe 10 minutes for a bus until I grew tired of waiting and Lyfted myself to the train. Finally got to the train and they had a delay due to another train stalled in front of us, go figure. The engineer announced they will reverse the train and change tracks in order to proceed.

I wondered why they didn’t get that brilliant idea 10 minutes earlier, rather than letting us sit there all that time. I’m certain this wasn’t the first time they’ve had a stalled train. It was actually my first time experiencing such a reverse but it wasn’t like a reverse in a vehicle. The train simply changes direction so it really doesn’t feel different. But you are aware you are going in the opposite directions of your intended destination.

Thankfully we arrived to our station destination where I had to get another Lyft to take me the office so I would arrive on time.


Leaving work on this day is always a chore because there’s so much I want to do before Monday but I never seem to have enough time, no matter how much I plan. So to raise my spirit I took my mom out so she could do some necessary chores and then had her hair done.

Saturday and Sunday was mostly getting the garden weeded, mulched and looking like someone lived there. I took some TLC time and watched my Nollywood on Netflix – well mostly it was watching me.

Have a great new day and an even more brilliant week!


If you don’t know it yet, I pretty much embrace this concept of change regardless of what it brings with it. You are probably wondering what!?

Here’s the thing, in order for us to get to the positives, we must overcome the negatives, learn and never repeat it. Another way to not repeat it is to teach others. Growth does not come without ups and downs, or ins and owns.

So why not? Especially when you get an opportunity to learn something new. The pain allows you to sharpen your skills and emerge a better version of yourself .

Don’t misunderstand my “annoyance’” as resistance to change. Change is inevitable, and brings about evolution…while resisting or embracing.

Are you addicted or

Have you ever thought about why you do this?

Art of Mindfulness – Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

1. Everyone else is

2. You are shy/introvert and using phone to avoid others

3. Don’t know how to start conversations

4. Maybe just not comfortable with silence or simply doing nothing

5. You like being busy doing nothing

6. Reading a book never occurred to you

The Power of your Tongue

How to affect change

I was listening to a YouTube and a Podcast where a particular celebrity was being maligned. It occurred to me, with all the more important issues in our community, why not expend positive energy with issues rather than individuals?;

1. Deliberate Poverty

2. Targeted abuses

3. Healthcare

4. Community And Economic Development

5. Improving Black Image in Media

6. Black victimhood for political advantage

7. Religion

8. Improving relations

There are a few celebrities who I completely abhorred regarding their public persona. Fortunately overtime they changed that paradigm and lived up to the potential I knew was within them.

I won’t name names but one has totally transform like a butterfly, the other is still in a cocoon stage.

Like us, celebrities are made of flesh and bone and I’ve learned I can’t allow their behavior to overly concern me. As parents and guardians we should not allow the next generation access if we do not agree with specific behaviors from celebrities or anyone for that matter. There is something quick and easy called turning off the radio and television. I have more control when I am mindful to use my power. I would like to exhort others to do the same rather than maligning another person’s character – deserving or not. We all have the power to change, just like the chrysalis transforms to a beautiful butterfly, people can change, but we shouldn’t further malign them just because we can, because social media gives us the power to do so. Be mindful, think ahead and put yourself in the other persons shoe. Be the change you wish to see in the world.