Discipline as a Core Behavior

Discipline as a core behavior

I believe everything we do must demonstrate some form of discipline – working, school, resting and even having fun.

Open-plan-workingPicture courtesy Jose Migurel open work

Blow with the Wind

Imagine going about life, no rhyme or reason.If we blow with the wind who knows where we will end up and more importantly “how” we will end up.   We  should certainly want to have control  over our destinations and our state of being. I want my hard earned work to mean something and not to be scattered with the wind and trampled on by passers by.



Control your destiny

wind blowing trees drawing

We all must have something which sustains is, whether that is a form of business or employment. Either or we have to have a disciplined approach to making money and consequently paying bills, keeping a roof over our heads, sustenance or feeding and nourishing our bodies. If we were not disciplined enough to work then none of the above would be possible and therefore we will cease to exist.

Same for school. Some of us are better and some are worse but in all we have to be disciplined to study, follow the course work, do exams, and interact and regurgitate in a classroom setting. This discipline also determines your professional outcome and potentially type of earning power.


Do you need rest too – Andy Lee

If you are a real disciplinarian, you would need a much needed break periodically. That in itself takes discipline. You must recognize your limits and allow yourself to break, relax and come back refreshed. This is what discipline looks like .



featured image Discipline.Peace.Balance C.C. Riley





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